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img8 A new brand of wetsuit to race Le Triathlon de Gérardmer DARE 2 TRI will be present at the Expo of Triathlon de Gerardmer event from August 31st to September 2nd. This brand will propose you a range of wetsuits you can buy or rent. Special offer for participants of Triathlon de Gerardmer: CHEAPTRIATHLON.COM proposes the DARE 2 TRI wetsuit for 139 euros !

More details about this offer

If you prefer to rent the wetsuit DARE 2 TRI, you can do it for 39 euros during the Expo. Check it out atr www.cheaptriathlon.com


Former Champions

img8For triathletes racing in the 90's, he's a legend. At this time his opponents were Simon Lessing (Eng), Philippe Fattori (Fra), Miles Stewart (Aus) and Greg Welch (Aus). "The Croc" (his nickname, the crocodile, for its ability to grip and to win his races by crushing his opponents) Brad Beven came twice to Gerardmer for the ITU World Cup in 1994 and 1995. The Australian has won these both 2 editions. A great champion who remembers his venue to Vosgesen.

What about your victories in Gerardmer (1994 & 1995) ?

The victories were important to me back then as I think they were part of the ITU series. I was living in the South of France at that time which was a great time in my career.It was all about training and racing in amazing places such as Gerardmer. The best memories were of the close racing on a hilly course. Both victories were getting off the bike after a hard ride and going head to head with those two guys. There wasn't many courses that had challenging rides and so scenic. I have some great memories from those races, onewas with Phillippe Fattori (who I was good friends with) and the other was with Andrew McMartin (Can).

img8What do you remember from Gerardmer ?

I would have to say the hills on the ride again and also running around the lake. I did a bit of paddleing those water bike on the lake as well which was great. It was very cold as well on one of the days but that just added to the challenge. Also the presentation was always great as the French do it well with the champagne and the flowers


How do you see the evolution of triathlon compared to the time you raced ?

img8The racing has changed with more importance on the run and the rides not as much. Hills always help break up groups but most courses don't have variety. It is a shame that is has gone this way and I always thought a truer test with a lot more tactics involved would be two 1/2 Olympic distances races back to back continuous to break up the groups and make the runners work harder.

What's your job now ?

I am a coach of other triathletes and I also do online coaching for many athletes www.bradbeven.com but it doesn't compare to those days.

Are you coming back to Europe to follow some of your athletes ?

I am planning on coming as soon as I can but i have a 2 year old baby and another on the way in July. One of my athletes did race a couple years ago and loved it.

Is the race missing you ?

Very much so, like I said the Gerardmer races were head to head down to the line and they are the most satisfying to do. I miss that part of it. I still train but look after the athletes first and my training comes second. I'd like to do a bit more myself. Someday you will find me back there racing !


Registrations :

The season is launched now with first Bike & Run, duathlons and aquathlons, the race schedule is filling more. The date you must not forget is the first week end of September (1st and 2nd). In order to ensure your entry we advise you to register right now. Comparing to last year, at the same date, number of entries has increased by more than 30% on all events. Note that the olympic Distance race counts a 40% increase of the number of athletes.

Choose your event and register right now.

Registrations 2012



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