Swim course:

1900m in the clear waters of Lake Gérardmer, Start from Base Nautique (see site map). The swimmer have to turn after each yallow pyramid , yellow boyles are just an indication of the direction to follow

After 1400m, swimmers will exit at the “Union Nautique” run few meters then start the last 500 meters
Time limit from start : 1h10′.

Race map

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3 laps of 31.5km inside the natural Park of les Vosges. The bike courseis made for all kind of cyclist, it’s challenging with nine little climbs ( 3/laps) but flats sections between them allows powerful cyclists to enjoy this course

The total elevation is 1900m+

Sécurity :
from 2009,the bike course is totally closed to the traffic ( see the traffic road section)
Tips : don’t ride too fast on the first lap because you have to remember that there are 9 climbs for ride. Many competitors forget this and the pay it on the run course

Trap to avoid:
Starting too fast in the first lap because the sequence of various passes could eventually use

Description :

Start from the bike park ( Parking du Casino) direction Xonrupt.
Km 2, turn on the right and start of the first climb : la côte du Poli – 2km long with an average difficulty at 6,6%.
From Km 4 to km 12, it’s a flat section wich allow powerful athlets to enjoy the race
Km 12, start of the second difficulty : le col des Feignes – 4.5 km long at 5.7% average, it’s a typical climb from the region.
From Km 15,5 to km 20, very fast section again direction the Chajoux Valley with its beautiful landscape
From Km 20 to km 23,5, last difficulty of the bike course with the col de Grosse Pierre through the road of “La Courbe”,hardest climb with a section at 15% (100m long) – 3,5km long at 4%.
From Km 23,5 to km 31 , back to Gérardmer through a little climb 900m long before going down to Gerardmer.

Race map :

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Run course

3 laps of 7 km around the lake of Gerardmer. Main parts of run course are shaded and the positive uneven is 80m / loop.


Race map :

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Time limit :8.30 after the swim start

1° Aid station : km 0.2 – km 6.7 – km 13.5 – km 20
2° Aid station: km 3.1 – km 9.8 – km 16.6
3° Aid station: km 4.6 – km 11.3 – km 18